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3 Ways to Save Money and Prolong the Life of Your Towels

3 Ways to Save Money and Prolong the Life of Your Towels

1. Always Follow Washing Instructions

You can prolong the life of any material if you follow each fabrics unique washing instructions.  For instance, microfiber.   The Home Depot suggests that “when washing microfiber cloths, avoid harsh soap, fabric softener or detergent with laundry additives, including fragrances and fabric conditioners. These coat the fibers of the cloth and make them less effective for cleaning. Lightly dusty or dirty microfiber cloths should be hand-washed.” Or with terry cloth, it is recommended to use only non-chlorine bleach. This will prevent your terry from becoming damaged, as chlorine bleach is too strong for terry, weakening fibers over time.  By following the basic instructions on the tag, you can prolong the life of your towels saving you money.

2. Separate Towels for Use

Whether it’s using different types of towels for each application, or color coding for various tasks, its best to separate towels for different uses.  For example, when cleaning cars and car parts, grease is hard to wash out of towels, and will streak and ruin upholstery.  So, it’s best not to use the same towel to wipe grease as you would wipe down the interior.  Having the correct goods on hand will help prevent employees from using towels for the wrong purpose.

3. Frequent Inventory

Making sure your inventory is done often, either daily or weekly will help prevent borrowed, lost, or damaged towels.  This will help you manage your usage more accurately and prevent running out.