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White Cotton Precision Performance Wipes

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The Perfect Small Task Wiper

PPWs are made of 100% cotton, that can be used in a WET or DRY cleaning or wiping situation. Whether fully submerged in a bleach or disinfectant solution or used as a spray & wipe wiper, PPWs continuously perform above standard. Why use paper when a cotton wiper is available? Precision cut and poly bagged for easy distribution, these wipers are essential where standard paper towels continually fail. The PERFECT SIZE eliminates waste, allows you to get in to those hard to clean areas, and its soft, non-abrasive 100% cotton construction will not scratch metals or plastics. PPWs are great for wiping keyboards, phones, screens, counters, cabinets, handles and overall general surfaces.

PRECISION PERFORMANCE WIPES are the GO-TO SMALL TASK WIPER for office and industrial cleaning, disinfecting and maintenance applications.


  • Exact Size cut white cotton blankets
  • Soft and non-abrasive
  • Perfect for sanitizing countertops, patient hygiene, general cleaning & wiping. Exact Size cut white cotton blankets. Uniformly Cut Cotton Wipes, Rinse and Re-Use, All White, Shop Towel Alternative
  • Two Sizes:
    • 10" x 13" 500 wipers per case, 10 polybags of 50 wipers
    • 12" x 15" 500 wipers per case, 10 polybags of 50 wipers

Product Details

Packaging Option


Case Count


Polybags 10"x13" 500/case White
Polybags 12"x15" 500/case White

Inner Count

Case Wt.

Case Dims.

Pallet Qty

10 Polybags x 50 25 lbs 15"x22"x11" 42
10 Polybags x 50 35 lbs 15"x15"x24" 30

At a Glance

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PPW2010-1013 PPW2010-1215




L: Low M: Medium H: High

Recommended Usage

To get the best performance and efficiency from our products, we recommend the following uses:

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  • Automotive Cleaning Cloths
  • Aerospace Cleaning Cloths
  • Aerospace Cleaning Cloths
  • Fire and Restoriation Cleaning Cloths
  • Industrial Cleaning Cloths
  • Janitorial Cleaning Cloths
  • Manufacturing Cleaning Cloths
  • Oil and Gas Cleaning Cloths
  • Painting Cleaning Cloths
  • Roofing Cleaning Cloths
  • Schools Cleaning Cloths