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Custom Engineered Dry Wipe
Disinfecting Program

We can create custom solutions for your pre-saturated wiping needs. Whether you’re manufacturing a chemical hand sanitizer and are interested in producing your own line of hand sanitizing wipes or looking for a dry refill for an existing canister or bucker container, we can assist in the production of interior substrate refills.

Custom Engineered Dry Wipes

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Are you having trouble sourcing disinfectant wipes?

Is it difficult to find refill disinfecting wipes for your in-house canisters and containers? We have the answer to your problem.

We offer custom-engineered disinfecting dry wipes produced in rolls perfect for dispensing from your containers. We can source the right substrate in the correct roll size that you will help you create the right disinfectant for your needs.

We provide the wipes. You provide the solution.

At Mednik Riverbend, we utilize several cutting methods, winding techniques and folding methods which allow us to meet your most demanding converting requirements. In addition to several converting techniques, we also offer custom converting services. We can offer you a turn-key product giving you a perfect finished product.

Mednik Riverbend is a leader in the production and distribution of customized disinfecting components for large scale applications. We specialize in the engineering of dry wipe substrate refills used in many top hand sanitizing brands.

Mednik Riverbend can produce to your specifications.

We can create custom solutions to meet your pre-saturated wiping needs. Our mills can suggest the right substrate for the particular solution utilized. Lead times depend on quantities, from cases numbered in the hundreds to multiple truckloads. We work hand in hand with our sources throughout the process to produce the exact roll that meets your expectations. Our core business is the production of substrate refills. We DO NOT manufacturer chemical disinfectants.

Demand can exceed supply, and from time to time due to these market demands, there may be a need to vary a substrate depending on available inventory stock levels. Production lead times can vary but are within industry expectations during the pandemic. We strive to meet or beat your deadlines. We can provide samples for you upon request. As with the raw substrates, containers and canisters are available within reasonable expectation. We are experienced at offering alternative packaging. We need to look at your every need to guarantee the program’s success: roll size, wiper size, case counts, roll count, size per roll, and overall diameters for the perfect fit.

Call us at 1-800-325-7193 or email Chris Gebben  or Donna Stassi and let us know what you need. Our team will help you create a custom solution that can meet your individual needs.