Industry - Healthcare Facilities

Industry - Healthcare Facilities

Cleaning towels for doctor’s offices, clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, and other facilities with an emphasis on smaller, regional facilities looking for personalized service.

Wiping, Cleaning, and Disinfecting Products for Medical Facilities

For over 90 years Mednik Riverbend has been a trusted partner in servicing the needs of care facilities. Are you a small, regional healthcare facility looking for reliable, budget-friendly cleaning products, but aren't a part of a large buying group? Does your custodial buyer, maintenance buyer, or facility manager make it easy and do one-stop shopping with a supplier without thinking that they may be overpaying?

It only takes ONE CLICK to find that sometimes going outside the normal buying process can save you time and money, give you a glimpse of innovative products that can help your goal of maintaining a top-notch facility and improve your ability to reduce the chance of hospital-acquired infections.

In the healthcare industry, it is perhaps MOST IMPORTANT to have cleaning products that can stand up to the job — so why not save money and buy like the big guys!

Mednik Riverbend offers a wide variety of economy disinfectant canister refills, low-cost bath and face towels, microfibers, and low-cost disposable patient wipes, and has years of experience in providing healthcare products to small facilities. We can help you find the right high-quality low-cost facility care products.

We Specialize in Providing Cleaning Products to Small, Independently-Owned Healthcare Businesses and Chain Facilities

Mednik Riverbend provides a unique and comprehensive cleaning product line that is comparable to the selection of larger one-stop suppliers at a lower, more competitive price. Yes, we sell products to medical offices, urgent care facilities, nursing homes, and larger chains, but we THRIVE in helping smaller Midwest regional facilities that lack the buying power of the healthcare giants.

The COVID-19 Pandemic proved that we could step up and play with the big boys. On a moments' notice, Mednik Riverbend stepped in when others couldn’t and delivered MILLIONS of wipers on short-notice to fill the gap in needs when the supply chain failed. But that’s not our forte; we found a better niche servicing smaller, regional, more rural facilities that can expect great customer service and attention to their needs that they’ll not find from the larger providers.

Every account is important to us. From a single case to truckload quantities, we have the buying power to pass the savings on to the smaller guys. And, we have the time to talk and provide personalized service.

Contact us. Speak with one of our outstanding service reps. Discuss your facility's needs. Let us help you put together a comprehensive custom program for your facility’s needs. We might surprise you. What a pleasure to be important to a vendor.

A Trusted Cleaning Product Wholesaler for Decades

During Mednik Riverbend's nearly 100 years of operation, we have supplied cleaning, disinfecting, and wiping products to a wide range of industries. In our long and storied history, Mednik has developed long-term vendor relationships that allow us to fine-tune and expand offerings with new and unique products that make healthcare and nursing facility management easier with the added savings of big buying power for smaller needs.

Vendors talk about customer service, but we LIVE IT with our 100% money-back guarantee. Every case, every dozen, every promise we make, we stand behind it. Let us bring our years of experience to your table and see how we can help with your facility's needs.

Let Us Create a Custom Cleaning Solution for Your Healthcare Application

Mednik Riverbend brings big buying power to the small guys. Nearly 100 years of sales and service backs our commitment to you. Don’t feel pressured to just "add that case" or "not ask that question." When you're dealing with a large healthcare supplier, you’re dealing with a website, not a person.

At Mednik Riverbend, we are here to prove that you can get high-quality, low-cost alternatives and customized programs that exceed all of your small facility goals. Call us at 1-800-524-2230 and see what our personalized cleaning product services can do for you and your budget. Give us a try. We guarantee it.

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