The Life Cycle of Rags

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Rag Facts:

Only 15% of used clothing and textiles being diverted.

Nearly 100% donated textile can be reused and recycled.

SMART member companies prevent 3.8 billion+ lbs of post-consumer textile waste from ending up in landfills annually.

SMART company processes rely largely on human labor and are far less wasteful than other recycling industries.


Our Sustainability Story

Industrial paper towel production has too great of an impact on the environment to be ignored. The high cost and contamination associated with rental shop towels is going to have negative impacts for generations to come.

That's where we come in.

As a for profit recycler of pre and post-consumer textile waste, Mednik Riverbend works to be a green alternative for the markets needing wiping and absorbing products.

The circular economy is at the heart of what we do, and we believe we have a responsibility to the next generation.

We take pride in educating the consumer on the benefits of using recycled goods. Plus, as members of the International Trade Associated for the reclamation of textile discards, we make the most of our status as a leading organization in the circular economy.

Long story short, we work to show people and other organizations interested in the circular economy how what is discarded can be used again.