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Mednik Riverbend is a leader in the production and distribution of customized products for large scale cleaning applications.

Engineering innovative solutions for nearly a century

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Precision Performance Wipes: The Perfect Small Task Wipe

Our PPWs are great for a multitude of applications and are used in almost every industry we serve.


Our COVID Essential Products Can Help Keep Your Business Running

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Custom Engineered Dry Wipe Disinfecting Program

Our Paper Wipers are Convenient and Effective

Learn more about our extensive line of non woven paper towel products

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Increase profits by purchasing direct. Our huge buying power dictates lower cost and greater savings. We literally search the world over for vendors and products in volumes that dictate the lowest cost to us, therefore to you.

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Money Back Guarantee

Rest assured that we stand behind our products by offering an industry-unheard-of 100% money back guarantee.

Right Tool for the Right Job

Our company’s approach is simple: provide the right tool for the right job. By listening to your goals, our team is prepared to take on the task of helping you realize your maximum market potential or simply finding the right wiper for the right job.

Mednik Riverbend is a leader in the manufacturing and distribution of a wide range of wiping and absorbing products providing quality, value, and reliability. Working with both our end-user customers and with our distributor partners, our company approach is best defined as MAKING YOU UNIQUE.

Retail Market

Looking for the perfect cloth to wipe up the mess you made during your home improvement project?

Save money by directly purchasing from us. We are available for purchase factory-direct to you. We offer great prices on many everyday cleaning materials and wipes. We can save you money.

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