Wholesale Cleaning Cloths

Cloth-Like Disposable Paper Wipers

Disposable Paper Wipers are a great alternative to traditional cotton rags.


Low-Cost Cloth Rags

We have rags and wipers for every purpose.

Got Spills?

We have ABSORBENT SPILL CONTROL products for almost every spill. Check out our product line and see how we can help.

Our Most Popular Wiper

Precision Performance Wipes: The Perfect Small Task Wipe

Made of 100% cotton, PPWs can be used in a WET or DRY cleaning or wiping situation. Perfect for a multitude of applications and used in almost every industry we serve.

Industrial Terry Towels


When you Need to Pick Up Every Speck, Try our Tack Cloth

Microfibers Towels

High-tech commercial-grade cleaning when you need it.


The Perfect Tool for Polishing

We're Committed to Sustainability!

The 5 BEST WAYS to Pick a Wiper That Works For You

1. ASK FOR HELP: Call your vendor, explain your needs.

2. DON'T USE THE SAME WIPER FOR EVERY TASK: Use what works best for the task and buy accordingly.

3. TRY SAMPLES: See what works best. Put them into action before you buy.

4. DON'T GET INTO A WIPER RUT: If its not working up to your expectations, move on.

5. USE THE RIGHT SIZE: Did you know you could ask for specific size cuts? Have your vendor produce a size that works for YOU.

Money Back Guarantee

Rest assured that we stand behind all of our products by offering an industry-unheard of 100% money-back guarantee.

Mednik Riverbend is a leader in the manufacturing and distribution of a wide range of wiping and absorbing products providing quality, value, and reliability. Working with both our end-user customers and with our distributor partners, our company approach is best defined as MAKING YOU UNIQUE.

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