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5 Steps to Handling Problems and Complaints

5 Steps to Handling Problems and Complaints

Think about a time you've had a complaint and it was resolved to your satisfaction.  You will often find these situations and scenarios include the five steps below.  Here are the 5 BEST ways to handle a problem or complaint for customer satisfaction. 

1. Apologize:

Empathize with the customer. 

2. Acknowledge:

Are you in sync with the customer? Acknowledge their concern and understand their frustration. 

3. Fix The Problem: 

Offer a solution and follow up on their request personally.  

4. Own the Opportunity:

Don't blame, but instead own the opportunity to resolve the issue. 

5. Show Urgency: 

How fast you respond to fix the problem speaks volume.  Act with speed. 


These five steps will help with ALL problems, BIG and SMALL.