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5 Ways Your Business Can Use Cheesecloth

5 Ways Your Business Can Use Cheesecloth

As a business owner, you are always looking for products that can do double duty, items that provide a large number of benefits for a single affordable investment. When viewed through that lens of versatility, a bulk purchase of cheesecloth may just be the wisest purchase you can make.

Cheesecloth is a true workhorse, a single product with a host of possible uses. Here are five great uses for cheesecloth, and five big reasons cheesecloth is a great deal for your business and your customers.

1. Polishing

The unique texture of cheesecloth makes it the perfect polishing tool. Cheesecloth is sturdy and durable, yet soft and supple, making it a favorite with furniture restoration professionals, automobile detailers and antique dealers to name just a few.

Furniture restoration firms often buy cheesecloth in bulk, using it to give those old pieces new life. Cheesecloth is also frequently used by furniture restoration wipers, cleaning up errant sawdust while putting on that final shine. Antique dealers can use cheesecloth to polish antiques, while automotive enthusiasts can use it to detail their rides.

2. Food Preparation

Cheesecloth is great for the restaurant industry as well, and this versatile material is a common staple of the restaurant supply industry. Restaurants can purchase cheesecloth and use it to strain liquids, but cheesecloth can also be used for everything from sacheting to dusting pastries with powdered sugar.

Caterers and other food prep professionals can use cheesecloth as well, and these independent contractors often purchase their cheesecloth in bulk. These bulk purchases reduce costs and overhead in a business noted for its slim profit margins.

3. Paint Finishing

Professional painters have many tricks of the trade, and they guard those secrets carefully to give them that winning edge. But the painting pros will tell you that they rely on cheesecloth to achieve the unique looks they are looking for. Painters may use cheesecloth along with terry towels and recycled wiping cloths, and the combination can create a high gloss that is as durable as it is attractive.

Specifically cheesecloth is often used to create the faux finish, a highly sought after look that pro painters use to make old surfaces look new again. These home improvement professionals often buy their cheesecloth in bulk; after all, they do not want to run out in the middle of a big project.

4. Straining Liquids

Whether you are following your grandmother's gravy recipe for the big Thanksgiving feast, getting ready to paint the bedroom or cleaning up a spill, separating liquids from solids is a big part of the job. And no matter what form that task takes, having a supply of cheesecloth on hand can be a big help.

And while all cheesecloth can strain liquids, some do a better job than others. That is why Mednik is proud to offer its super high-end NYLON ORGANDY, an cheesecloth with the finest of weaves. This is truly the best of the best, and it is such high quality that Mednik supplies it to the United States Navy for all their paint straining needs. Higher mesh cheesecloth can also be used for straining and filtration purposes by painting companies and home contractors.

5. Bandaging

Last but certainly not least, cheesecloth has even found a home in the medical arena. Specifically cheesecloth can be used in the same way as medical gauze, just at a much lower price.

You may find, for instance, that a day of woodworking, manufacturing or flooring installation has left your hands sore, chapped and irritated. When that happens, you can simply use cheesecloth the same way as medical gauze, soothing your aching skin and helping you prepare for the workday to come.

Whether it is used on its own or in combination with non-woven wipes, terry towels and absorbent wipes, cheesecloth is one of the most versatile materials around. So do yourself and your business a favor and place your bulk order today. With so many uses, you will want to have plenty of this miracle fabric on hand.