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America is Reopening: Are You Ready?

America is Reopening: Are You Ready?


As states and local municipalities begin to reopen, leaders are cautiously balancing the urgent need to reopen the economy against public health concerns. The COVID-19 pandemic has opened the door to a new reality of CLEAN and an increased need for NEW CLEANING PROTOCOLS.             

What was once the standard for cleanliness in your business may need to change to address the current situation. How are you going to make your customers and employees feel secure? Are you able to provide a safe and clean environment?

Though supply lines are fractured for many popular cleaning products, many consumers are using creativity and some DIY ingenuity with products that are still readily available. Since the start of the pandemic, Mednik Riverbend has provided millions of wipes for healthcare and janitorial markets. Many of these are non-traditional wipes, but they are still highly effective.

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