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Bleach-Safe Salon Towels - The Ultimate Choice for Salons

Bleach-Safe Salon Towels - The Ultimate Choice for Salons

In the world of salons, every detail matters, and the choice of a towel is no exception.  A towel is a tool, just like a pair of scissors used to achieve the perfect cut.  Mednik Riverbends collection of Salon Towels has been specifically curated to provide professional stylists with the following benefits and options at the best value.

Bleach-Safe Technology

Many products used in the beauty industry contain harsh bleach chemicals to help strip color and remove polishes. Regular towels discolor with any contact with bleach, but bleach-safe salon towels are developed with a special dye that is non-reactive to bleach, making them perfect for salons and spas that use and wash towels day after day.  Washing towels with bleach keeps them hygienic, while bleach-safe technology prevents harmful effects of bleach, keeping towels looking vibrant, longer.


High quality towels not only look more professional but also feel more luxurious and maintain their softness and vibrancy wash after wash. When clients experience this level of professionalism, they are more likely to trust your salon and become a repeat customer.

Absorbency & Durability

One of the most important qualities of a good salon towel is its absorbency.  Our Salon Towels are made from highly absorbent materials, allowing them to quickly soak up excess water or product during treatments and premier stitching provides the strength needed for repeated use.  Whether you choose from our 100% Cotton line, or our luxurious Microfiber collection, you are guaranteed to have a long-lasting, absorbent towel to help you elevate your artistry.    

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When clients see that you invest in high quality, salon-safe towels, they are more likely to view your salon as a reputable establishment. 


So, if you want to elevate your salon experience, investing in Salon Towels is a smart choice. It's the little things that often make the biggest difference in the world of beauty and wellness.