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Customer Experience Predictions for 2023

Customer Experience Predictions for 2023

Happy New Year! So much has changed in just the last few years, including the world of Customer Service. Shep Hyken (Customer Service and Experience Expert, Keynote Speaker, and Bestselling Author) recently shared his Customer Service Predictions for 2023.  Make it in your best interest to change the trajectory of customer service.  Customer service doesn't cost, it pays!

Customers will be smarter and more demanding than ever:

Regardless of the type of business you’re in, everyone is a consumer. Some brands are teaching our customers what good service is like, and they now have higher expectations.

Companies will focus as much, maybe more, on employees as they do on customers: 

With the employment issues that many companies are experiencing, we must do as much for our employees, if not more, than we do for our customers. Just as we want our customers to come back, we want our employees to stay.

Customers’ expectations of the “basics” continue to rise

The basics are about friendly, helpful, convenient service. Amazon customer service research found that year over year, customers’ expectations of these basics increased. The basics are simple to understand and not all that hard to implement.

Personalization gets more personal

Today’s customers are experiencing hyper-personalization. A better word for personalization might be individualization. So, what are you doing to create a truly individualized experience for your customers?

Customer support over the phone is not dead:

The phone is still the most popular way for customers to contact a company with questions or problems. Research revealed that 87% of Baby Boomers, who make up over 21% of the U.S. population, prefer the phone any other channel. Keep those phones open for your customers!

Self-service is more popular than ever

While the phone still rules as the most popular way for people to contact a company, more and more customers are willing to use self-service options, such as a robust FAQ page on a website, chatbots, video tutorials and more. And just as Boomers are driving the traditional phone channels, Gen-Z and Millennials are moving the needle on these self-service options.

More companies and brands will stand for something important: 

45% of your customers believe it’s important that a company supports a social cause. That’s almost half of your customers, and that number will grow. This is especially important to the younger generations, so if that’s your market, find ways to “give back” to support the issues that are important to your customers.

Customers want to do business with companies and brands they trust:

This concept has become more important in the past few years. Trust is an emotional connection that drives repeat business and loyalty. One way to earn trust is to create a predictable, consistent experience. 81% of consumers said a great customer experience increases trust.

The customer support department becomes the revenue generation department:

In the past, customer support has been seen as a cost. Smart leaders are now realizing that customer service pays. Done right, customer support makes you money.


New year, new opportunity.  Customer Service doesn’t cost, it pays.

Ten Customer Service And CX Predictions For 2023: