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Cleaning With Colors

Cleaning With Colors

Nearly all industries benefit from using color-coding to clean, including medical centers, hotels, restaurants, schools, and nursing facilities. A color-coded cleaning program is intended to help you identify different colored cleaning cloths for specific tasks or areas to clean. Within the professional cleaning industry, there are many advantages to developing and integrating color coding into your existing program.


Imagine wiping down an office desk with a rag recently used to clean a toilet. Gross!  Cross-contamination can be a real danger, especially in medical settings. Studies have shown that using a color-coding system has helped cleaning crews remember which towels to use for a specific task, area, or surface.   

Creates Consistency 

Color coding creates consistency across different cleaning teams and departments. Designated high-risk areas, like bathrooms, will have one color, like RED, where general cleaning, glass and mirrors will use another color, say BLUE, eliminating any chance of contamination.

There is no limit on the number of colors in a program, but the most common colors are green, blue, yellow and red.   

Bridges the Language Barrier

Color-coding can help bridge language barriers as well. Color is a universal language and could help eliminate confusion among staff. This is extremely important because it removes a degree of uncertainty, resulting in consistent cleaning from your entire staff.

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