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Four Facts About Shop Rags - Shop Towel Rental and Alternatives

Four Facts About Shop Rags - Shop Towel Rental and Alternatives

Rental towels are used in industrial applications to clean up spills from oil, grease, lubricants, and other solvents and chemicals. But studies have shown that rental towels, even after they are laundered and delivered, can still retain some amount of waste and contaminants, potentially putting staff and customers at risk of coming into contact with iron, lead, copper, and other potentially harmful metals.

An environmentally, non-toxic alternative to rental towels is shop rags. Shop rags are reusable, help cut down on waste, and may even do the job better than a rental towel would due to extreme absorbency. Below, we'll discuss four facts about shop rags, and why they are an excellent choice to replace rental towels.

1. Reusable Shop Rags Can Help You Protect the Environment

Reusable shop rags can help save energy, improve air quality, and reduce waste. When compared to alternatives, reusable towels require significantly less fossil resources and can help reduce the discharges that create low-level smog, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide. Not to mention, reusables are more sustainable.

2. Rental Towels Can Quickly Add Up

When you pay for a rental towel service, you are paying for more than just the cleaning and delivery service. You're required to pay an upfront inventory investment on top of ongoing cleaning and delivery services. With shop rags, you can skip the high monthly billing invoice and pay one flat rate.

3. Shop Rags are Absorbent

Shop rags are made out of 100% cotton, which is highly absorbent, soft, and long-lasting.

4. Reusable Shop Rags are Safe & Non-Toxic

Like we mentioned in the introduction, studies have shown that rental towels, even after laundering, can still contain some amount of waste and contaminants, such as iron, lead, copper, and other harmful metals. Reusable shop rags are easy to clean, by hand or machine, and can help ensure you have the tools you need to protect your facility, hands, and staff from grease, dirt, and other matter.

Types of Shop Rags

Cotton and polyester are the perfect materials for cleaning up grease, chemicals, and other messes. Both of these materials are soft, and absorbent, and are perfect for reusing due to their durable qualities.

Our selection of rental towel alternatives includes the following types of shop rags:

Alternatives to Towel Rentals

While shop rags are the most cost-effective option, we carry other top-of-the-line spill control products that are designed to absorb even the largest spills.

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