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Four Ways to Make a Customer Feel Special

Four Ways to Make a Customer Feel Special

The number one goal of a good customer experience is making the customer feel special.  That feeling can come in many forms, but in the end, you want that customer to feel good, share their experience with family, friends, and colleagues, and ultimately come back again.  Here are four tips for providing the best customer experience:


1. Build the relationship, not the sale

Stop selling and start building a relationship that promotes trust and connection.  If you sell, sell, sell, without getting to know your customer they will lose interest.  Build a connection outside of their sales.

2. Make it personal

Once you can build your relationship outside of just sales and numbers, you can develop a more personal approach to calls, emails, and product pitches.  This enables you to personalize your selling technique and provide the right content.  For example, if your customer only buys blue products, don't send them information on red products.  The wrong content destroys the personalization effort.

3. Educate the customer 

Provide the right education to make your customer smarter.  How can you help them be more successful, with or without your products. 

4. Always thank the customer

You can never say it enough.  Show it differently.  Try a handwritten note, drop by their facility, an old fashion call.  Never let a customer walk away feeling underappreciated.  Make them feel special with every interaction.