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How Do You RIPP?

How Do You RIPP?

How do you RIPP?? With the launch of RIPPZ MICROFIBER TOWEL ROLLS, we thought it was only fitting to highlight our favorite way to RIPP. IN THE CAR!  Follow along for the TOP 5 REASONS TO CARRY RIPPZ IN YOUR CAR OR TRUCK:  

1. Fits perfectly under the front seat or in the seat back pocket

Individual 20 count rolls are the perfect length and width to fit under most front seats, or can easily slide into seat back pockets.  This makes them convenient for quick and easy access to wipe down seats or cup holders.   

2. Got kids??? 

Toss one at the kiddos to wipe up after that ice cream cone or cake pop and forget buying wipes and paper towels ever again. Gentle on car interiors and those little faces and hands.

3. Quickly wipe down cell phones, glasses, watches, mirrors etc... 

Non-scratch and Lint-free cloths quickly and easily wipe off the smudges, streaks and fingerprints from your screens or lenses.  

4. Fleet vehicle or frequent job sites?  

Keep a RIPPZ handy for hand washing or spill clean up.  Also great for oil checks and dipsticks.  


Microfiber is the industry-standard cloth for detailing because it is super-soft, absorbent, and will not scratch paint when used properly.  Use for both the interior and exterior, with or without detailing sprays. Great for waterless washing, quick detailing, compound, sealant, glaze and wax removal.  Sticky fingerprints be gone!

Easy-to-tear microfiber roll makes life a little easier and a lot more portable.