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Introducing our Custom Engineered Dry Wipe Disinfecting Program

Introducing our Custom Engineered Dry Wipe Disinfecting Program

Our core business has always been the production of wipes and reclaiming textiles to be used as wipes for cleaning. Because of COVID-19, we have seen a large disruption in the supply chain of not only our industry, but in all the industries with which we deal.

During the COVID pandemic, the need for deep cleaning is much greater than ever and many of our clients are seeking specific cleaning and disinfecting applications. We are seeing a lot of inquiries from people who can’t find what they are looking for elsewhere.

In trying to satisfy our customers’ needs, we have created a Custom Engineered Dry Wipe Disinfecting Program. We can customize wipes and produce them to their specifications. These are often used in canisters or containers that our clients later drop in their own disinfectant solution. We provide the wipes and they provide the solution.

Our Custom Engineered Dry Wipe Disinfecting Program has been a huge success. We are giving our clients what they need. It is a reverse of what usually happens, in which someone searches online for a specific product. In this instance, our clients tell us what they need, and we create a product as close to their specifications as possible. For them, they only have to come to one place. Since we work closely with our network of suppliers, this has worked very well. We have managed to do a great job of sourcing wipes that can be used for disinfecting, even though these markets are strained because of the coronavirus pandemic.

This program is ideal when a client needs customized disinfecting components for large scale applications. Our mills can even suggest the right substrate for a specific use if we know what solution is intended to be used with the substrate. A client can order a few hundred cases or multiple truckloads. Lead times depend on quantities, specifications, and availability in the marketplace. We work hand in hand with our sources throughout the process to produce the exact roll that meets our clients’ needs.

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