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Revitalize Your Campus & Community With Recycled Textiles

Revitalize Your Campus & Community With Recycled Textiles

Revitalize your Campus & Community: The Benefits of Using Recycled Textiles  

Sustainable Solutions

By purchasing recycled textiles for your cleaning and maintenance departments, colleges, universities and city governments, you contribute to a sustainable future.  Recycled textiles reduce the demand for new raw materials, in turn minimizing environmental impact.    

Cost Efficiency 

Investing in recycled textiles offers a cost-effective solution for cleaning and maintenance needs. Recycled textiles often come at a lower price point compared to new raw materials, allowing you to allocate your budget more efficiently without compromising quality. 

Versatile Application 

Recycled textiles are suitable for a wide range of applications within cleaning and maintenance departments.  From janitorial supplies to facility maintenance and equipment and grounds crews, these goods offer versatility without sacrificing effectiveness. 

Compliance with Regulations 

As environmental regulations become more stringent, adopting recycled textiles helps institutions stay ahead of compliance requirements. By proactively integrating sustainable practices, colleges, universities and city governments mitigate the risk of penalties and fines. 

Mednik has served major colleges, universities and city municipalities for over 103 years, providing a full range of wiping and absorbing products for employees, on-site facilities, equipment and fleet vehicles.  We know a thing or two about a good recycled textile.  Ask how we can help you revitalize your community.