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Selling Snowflakes

Selling Snowflakes

We Sell Snowflakes

I always find it interesting when talking about what we do at Mednik Riverbend. I smile and say, “We sell snowflakes.”

Most people don’t know how to respond, but in a way, that really is what we do.

Irregularity is at the heart of what we promote. Sure, we offer plenty of products that are consistent—in fact, we pride ourselves on our Precision Performance line, which offers consistency in an inconsistent industry. But primarily, we sell snowflakes.

As with snowflakes, no two reclaimed wipes, towels, or rags are the same. When you’re dealing with sustainable textiles, every order, every box, top to bottom, order-to-order, every month, and every year, there will never be two wipers that are the same.

Yes, they will fit a certain genre. They will be in a specific grouping. They will be organized into categories, but there will be variance within the pack because each and every wiper is unique—like snowflakes.

We Know Which Snowflakes Work Best

After nearly 100 years in the industry, Mednik Riverbend has learned what wipers work for which industries.

We know reclaimed white tee shirt knits are great in the painting industry. We know that reclaimed sweatshirts make an excellent sustainable wiper for heavy oil and grease. Recycled flannel makes a soft, high percent cotton wiper for general maintenance.

White clothing works great for use with solvents and harsh chemicals where the solvents may draw out the dyes of a colored wiper. Reclaimed white sweatshirts are the wiper of choice among our roofing distributors, allowing for heavy needs in the roofing trades. These sustainable cloths and rags are especially adept for uses requiring chemicals in the application of solvents, glue and adhesives.

Inexpensive colored recycling clothing works well for one-time or wipe-and-pitch applications. What’s common among these wiping cloths is that they’re inconsistent, yet just consistent enough to be the right tool.

There are hundreds of applications for used-clothing wipers. Our “snowflakes” are unique in their individual properties, size and fabric content, yet acceptable for the task at-hand.

Why Snowflakes?

As a core mission of our company, we promote the use of sustainable alternatives in the marketplace—alternatives to traditional wiping cloths such as rental shop towels or non-woven paper towels.

Each alternative has its benefits and its drawbacks. Whether it’s the high carbon footprint of industrial paper production, deforestation of trees, the toxic by-products of paper production such as dioxin, or the immense energy expended in the transportation of paper products, we have the green alternative.

Conversely, with the negatives surroundings the rental shop towel markets, our sustainable recycled towels and rags can fill the void.

Statistically, nearly 100% of all rental shop towels circulating in the market contain heavy metals. Metal shavings and silicones are commonly found in the woven fabric. That’s not all. Dry cleaning fluids used in the cleaning process are harmful to the environment and have to be disposed of as toxic waste. A host of issues come along with the rental industry.

That’s what separates us as a logical alternative. Even though our wipers are “snowflakes,” they are a viable, green substitute when compared to industry alternatives.

Give Us a Try

What’s stopping you from at least trying? Take this challenge: Look at the task at-hand. If you are currently using a rental shop towel or a non-woven paper towel, why not buy a single case of our product?

Simply check the Industry drop-down for your related industry and try a recommended item. If you are not satisfied, simply return it for your money back.

Give sustainable reclaimed wiper a chance to show you that our “snowflakes” can indeed do the job.