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The 5 BEST WAYS to Pick a Wiper That Works For You

The 5 BEST WAYS to Pick a Wiper That Works For You

How do you know if the product you are using is the right tool for the job? Here are the 5 BEST ways to pick a wiper that works for you and your needs. 

1. Ask for help

Call your vendor, explain your needs and ask for help!  Their sales experience should be able to guide you to the right wiper for the task at hand.

2. Don't try to use the same wiper for every task

Big mistake.  Using an expensive wiper for a low-end job or trying to use a low-end wiper on a top tier job is a universal mistake.  Use what works best for the task and buy accordingly.  

3. Try samples to see what works best 

Ask for samples based on recommendations.  Try them.  Put them into action before you buy. 

4. Don't get into a wiper rut

If its not working up to your expectations, move on.  There is a lot to choose from.  "We've always used this" doesn't cut it if its not working as well as something else could.  Could be time for a change. 

5. Use the right size 

Did you know you could ask for specific size cuts? Have you ever had a small task and had to use a large wiper, or a large task and the wiper is too small so you had to use multiple?  Have your vendor produce a size that works for YOU.  There may be an added charge, but will make you proficient in your task. 

Whenever you doubt the success of the product you're using, stop to ask questions and go through the process of trial and error of finding what's best for your needs. Mednik is here to help!