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The Benefits of Using Recycled Wiping Rags

The Benefits of Using Recycled Wiping Rags

You have a choice when it comes to what rags you use.  Whether you buy new material, or recycled and previously used textiles, depends on your use and price point.  Here are our top 4 reasons to choose recycled rags:

  1. Money Saver - Recycled rags are always going to be less expensive than new textiles, and for many customers that is reason enough. Just like buying a car, it’s cheaper to buy used, but unlike a used car, there is no need to sacrifice consistency or performance when you save with reclaimed and recycled goods.  You can continue to expect consistency, whether it is reclaimed t-shirts, sweats, flannel etc…

  2. Higher Absorbency - Recycled rags are more absorbent than new material due to the number of times they’ve been washed, making them softer and more absorbent. Recycled rags also significantly reduce the risk of bleeding with solvents and chemicals, when compared to new material.

  3. Reduces Land Fill Waste - According to the Council of Textile Recycling, 85% of post-consumer textiles end up in landfills. The average person throws away 70-80lbs of textile waste yearly, accounting for roughly 15 million pounds of waste. If recycled, they can return to the market as used clothing, home insulation, carpet padding, and wiping rags, keeping them out of landfills.

  4. Creates Jobs - Reclaiming textiles to use as wiping rags is labor intensive, employing thousands of workers in the U.S. each year. Each garment is handled, processed, sorted, and cut by hand. 


The most common concern:  Are these rags really clean?  The answer is yes.  They’ve been previously used as t-shirts, towels, or linens, but they’ve also previously been washed before being cut into rags.  While they are clean, they are not always pretty, so if cut and color consistency is a necessity in your industry, reclaimed rags are not for you.

If you are not currently using recycled rags in your business, we encourage you to try some with your next purchase.  If appearance is not as important as function, a recycled rag is the most cost effective, and environmentally friendly choice.