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Top Three Materials to Use in Fire Damage Furniture Restoration

Top Three Materials to Use in Fire Damage Furniture Restoration

When a home or business suffers a devastating fire, the damage does not end when the last flames are extinguished and the firefighters go home. The consequences are apparent long after the fire has been put out. Furniture, in particular, is prone to smoke damage, which is why prompt restoration from a professional service can help salvage prized possessions.

If your company specializes in fire and water damage restoration, knowing which cleaning tools to use and how to apply them can make a world of difference.

Here are our top three materials to use when restoring fire-damaged furniture.

Terry Towels

The first line of defense to remove soot is wiping every surface with a terry cloth from Mednik Riverbend. You may need something sturdier, like a dry chemical sponge or steel wool, to remove soot embedded deep in the grain — but do not scrub too hard and be sure to work in the direction of the grain.

You may also gently wipe all wood surfaces with a different terry cloth dipped in a mixture of 1/4 cup soap and warm water. Wipe the furniture with a damp, clean cloth and let it air dry.

Cloth Rags

Smoke wreaks havoc and can damage even thick upholstery. Removing smoke from upholstery can be a long and difficult process, so you will want to have a good supply of cloth rags before you begin.

Using quality upholstery cleaner or leather conditioner, you can slowly remove the set-in smoke damage from your furniture. You can also mix equal parts white vinegar and water in a spray bottle and spray the piece down for good measure.

Once you are finished, wipe the furniture with a clean cloth rag dampened with clear water, but do not saturate the leather. Then let the upholstery or leather air dry.


Now that you’ve used terry towels to wipe away the soot and cloth rags to clean the upholstery, it is time to finish up with some cheesecloth.

You can use the cheesecloth to refinish your furniture after it has undergone a thorough cleaning, restoring its former luster and shine. In addition to the cheesecloth, you can use a variety of furniture restoration wipers including recycled wiping cloths, non-woven wipes, and absorbent pads to bring your favorite pieces back to life.

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From the upholstered chairs to spectacular wood tables and more, you can save those fire-damaged pieces with the right supplies and the right assistance. It may take some time to see results, but with hard work, dedication and lots of rags, smoke-damaged furniture could look as good as new.

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