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Which Cleaning Rag is Best for Your Needs?

Which Cleaning Rag is Best for Your Needs?

Different jobs require different tools, but when it comes to rags, some customers don’t know exactly what type of rag or industrial paper wiper they will need. Here is a quick guide to help you decide.


Microfiber for Precision

Microfiber has become the go to material for professional cleaning crews.  They are a superior lint free tool for cleaning and germ removal.  Microfibers trap dirt, dust, grease, and oils without leaving behind moisture or residue, all with little to no use of chemicals.


Terry Cloth Towels for Durability

Heavy duty cleaning jobs need rags made from durable material like terry cloth.  Not only is terry thick and absorbent, but it is among one of the most affordable wipers.  Their durability and stability allow them to be washed and reused dozens of times without losing their effectiveness.


Non-Woven Disposable Wipes for a Cloth Alternative

Some businesses or industries can’t wash and reuse cloth rags, so they choose disposable rags. Sustainable paper wiping cloths are as durable as cloth alternatives and better for the environment than your standard paper towel.  Lint free cleaning for a quicker and more efficient absorption.


Recycled Wiping Rags for Sustainability and Cost Savings

When your business needs volume and can handle inconsistency, where not every wiper is the exact same shape and size, recycled rags can offer unmatched advantages.  For starters, they are more affordable, and since the material has already been washed repeatedly, these rags tend to be softer and more absorbent than new material.  Plus, you’re helping to keep old clothing out of landfills.  Nearly 100% of donated textiles can be reused and recycled.  They return to the market as used clothing, home insulation, carpet padding, and wiping rags.