Since 1930, Mednik Riverbend has been a leading manufacturer and distributor of sustainable wiping and staining rags to the flooring industry. We offer a wide range of textile and ancillary items that help you provide the finest products for resale or reuse. The core mission of our company is to offer viable sustainable alternatives as compared to other goods in the marketplace. We are a company that is looking for growth that is responsible. Not only are we attempting to create an ECONOMIC VALUE but it’s important that we also create a SOCIAL VALUE.

Now you might say, hey, I’m simply here to look for some products for the flooring industry. Maybe you’re just looking around for a small case to use at home or on a small jobsite. Great, but maybe you are an industrial supplier of flooring materials looking to expand your product mix.

Companies can’t be innocent and stand by in what’s going on around them. Our business model has been redefined to fulfill a purpose for what we stand for—sustainability.

Green is big. There’s a calling in the marketplace for sustainable products. Why not expand your base, expand your markets, expand your knowledge of what’s out there that will not only outperform your current products, but helps the environment as well?

By reviewing our selection of sustainable wipers, you’ll find a wide selection of extremely high quality recycled products that are proven winners and are simply amazing for wood flooring finish and maintenance.

Although we can come off as not really serious in our approach sometimes, it’s just a pleasant way to go to market. We know that the end product has to be the best. We know the flooring distribution business is very serious.

Keep Floor Looking Timeless with Sustainable Wipers and Products

Walking into a home with hardwood flooring makes you feel like you're stepping into the future and the past all at once. Classic wood floor coverings, even with their strength and beauty, experience wear and tear that can take a toll on the hardwood or laminate flooring. Mednik Riverbend manufacturers a wide selection of products designed to take your floors from dull and scratched to a state of shining beauty. From new install to refinish work, we have that perfect wiper for the task.

For hundreds of years, floors have been made of traditional hardwoods. Oak, pine, mahogany, and many other types of wood require maintenance and repair. From the rehabbing of an older floor to the maintenance of a new purchase, Mednik Riverbend offers a wide selection of options for both installation, finish, and continued care.

We know the importance that the look of your floors makes. Our time tested, simple sustainable cotton wipers, terry towels, microfiber towels, and dust cloths provide the unique quality that can ensure that your floors are well maintained and kept to your standards. 

Many companies have been sourcing quality wood floor care products from us for years. From experience, we know the best staining rags. We know what to use for scratch repair. We have years of experience knowing exactly what wiper will help maintain those floors in the best shape possible, year after year. When you take the time and energy to maintain a quality wood floor, you will have a floor that will last for decades.

Keep Durable Laminate Performing Its Best

More recently we have seen the explosion of engineered hardwoods and laminates made from the technique of manufacturing a material in multiple layers so that the composite material achieves improved strength, stability, and appearance of wood using various differing materials. Each has its own unique needs from an installation or maintenance perspective.

Newer homes or replacement floors tend to be the laminated variety. Lower cost and great style set apart the new age products. They can easily be installed over existing floors. Laminates are easy to work with and have become a favorite of home remodelers or do-it-yourself home repair aficionados. Whether or not you choose a natural wood or engineered laminated product, we have the right product that can take care of your needs.

Quality Wipers for Hardwood Staining and Tracking

Hardwood installation such as oak requires a multistep process of sanding, tacking, staining, and top coat finishing. Mednik Riverbend has an excellent assortment of wipers and products proven for staining and tacking. A heavy woven white or colored thermal fabric, our 2090 LSWA Supreme knit, has been the proven winner. A heavy, prewashed 100% cotton fabric cut approximately 20” x 20 ” is our top seller to the flooring industry. White, low lint knits are another favorite for all-purpose cleanup. Being a low cost recycled product, the cost per application is nominal.

Mednik Riverbend distributes a great selection of bulk and rolled tack cloths for the perfect wipe away of dust and particulate for great advance prep. We offer an extensive selection of oversized terry towels for the big staining or tacking jobs. Large white bath or beach towel sizes are the greatest in demand. They make large jobs seem small. Bulk wipers are available for simple equipment cleanup or hand and part wiping.

Floor Maintenance Cost Savings with Mednik Riverbend

How do you keep floor care cost down? The best way to maintain your floors is by implementing an effective hard floor care program using superior products that require less labor. Approximately 90% of floor maintenance is spent on labor so using the proven wipers and tack products makes for the most efficient use of time and money. If there’s a choice, we urge you to think sustainable—think Mednik Riverbend. Whether you’re purchasing a recycled textile for home floor care use or you’re a distributor looking to expand their product offering, we ask you to consider the sustain alternatives that we have to offer.