Wiping and Janitorial Supplies

Sustainable, industrial wiping rags and janitorial products for just about any job.

We poke a little fun through sarcasm about the way we go to market, but in reality cost, quality, and performance should be of great concern. All jokes aside, Mednik Riverbend prides itself on offering a vast array of quality janitorial supplies, from bulk cleaning rags to high-end custom made cleaning products made specifically for you.

Custodial staff know that life can get messy at school sand corporate offices, and it’s their job to make the space as clean and inviting as possible. To make your job easier, we can provide the janitorial supplies that will make you shine. ( Yes, pun fully intended 😀 )

We are proud to offer a different approach to your janitorial supplies. Our company has taken the high road with sustainability and proudly offers product selections made of recycled clothing and textiles, over-run or select IR toweling, or nonwoven paper towels sourced in the secondary market. We have successfully convinced some of our premier janitorial resale accounts that sustainable wiping products are a viable and necessary component of their offerings. Needless to say, end users are amazed at the quality and outcome of our recycled goods.

We Outperform Competitors on Performance

When cleaning or dusting a surface, you don’t want to leave lint behind. When cleaning windows, you can’t afford to leave a film or streaks. When polishing metals, you expect a bright and shiny surface. Floors are expected to shine. Sinks need to be clean. Mirrors should be clean, streak-free and clear. Your products need to stand apart from your competition. All of this can be accomplished using Mednik Riverbend’s selection of high performance, time-proven, sustainable wiping cloths.

We Outperform Competitors on Customer Service

We know the kinds of problems you encounter. You are made promises that your vendor can’t keep. You are a victim of bait and switch. You find odd material mixed in your pack that doesn’t work. There are backorders and delays in getting your orders in a timely manner. Inventory arrives at your dock smashed or destroyed.

We get it.

Mednik Riverbend strives daily to address your issues so that when you deal with us, we get it right. That’s why we offer a 100% money-back guarantee, no questions asked. Problem solved!

The Green Choice in Janitorial Supplies

We source differently than our competition. Our vendors are put through a lens of sustainability. We try to find the best recycled product for each need category. We feel this is a smart approach to the market. Mednik Riverbend products are made of 100% cotton or the like that can be used in janitorial needs and offer exceptional results. These wipers or rags are not only good for cleaning, polishing or general dusting, but there are great for the environment. We want to offer you that choice.

We offer janitorial products that set you apart. Whether it’s in your personal usage or resale, Mednik Riverbend goes beyond to deliver a product that will set you apart from your competition.

Does it matter to have your private label on the package? Is space a concern that a highly compressed unit makes a difference? Have you experienced a customer complaint about pins or metal? We have scanning capacity.

What about volume? We sell millions of pounds annually. No amount is too much for us to handle. Conversely, that buying power correlates to a low cost for you!

Our most popular janitorial products are usually white recycled lightweight cotton linen flannel wipers, hemmed colored surgical towels, lint-free white sheeting dusters, knit diapers, or many many more. We are known in the market for custom making what you desire. Having a team of skilled workers provides us an opportunity to do what others only dream of.

Let us know what the problem is and we’ll go to work sourcing a solution. After all, our motto is Your vision, our goal.

Mednik Riverbend—purveyors of sustainable wiping and janitorial products.