Painters’ rags used to be a generic name for just about anything laying around the house that could be used to wipe your hands or wipe up a paint spill. If your family was like mine, your mom kept a basket near the washer and dryer so that, when she did laundry, she could toss away clothing or towels that were past their prime.

That basket was the go-to for rags for washing the car, checking a dipstick, or to use for painting projects at the house. It kept us from using her coveted kitchen towels for dirty projects—and it saved us more than a few times from Mom’s wrath.

Little did we know, Mom actually knew what she was doing. Thanks to her system, we had white and colored tees, colored sweatshirts, flannel, old bed sheets and my uncle’s polyester shirt to fit all of our needs for whatever job we were doing.

Now imagine taking that thrifty home collection and making into a professional, diverse, sustainable wiping cloth business that is now the largest textile recycler in the Midwest. Mom would be proud to know that we now produce over 10 million pounds of painters’ rags annually, distributing them throughout the Continental United States.

The Right Painters’ Rags for the Job

Founded in 1930, Mednik Riverbend has nearly a century of experience in knowing the right wiper for the job. Painters know best what painters’ rag works for each task.

Need an all-purpose wiper for most paint jobs? Perhaps a simple reclaimed white tee will do.

Need something better with more consistency, but still all white and knitted? Try our 3110 new white knit remnant.

If you’re looking for a low cost, low lint rag, try our reclaimed colored polo knits. It’s a collection of pre-washed, colored, high-percent cotton tees cut to average wiper size.

Need a bulk item to do a primary wipe? Try colored sweats remnants. They're thick, bulky, thirsty and cheap.

Painters' Wipes: When Clean is Critical

One of a painter’s biggest concerns is lint. We get it. That perfect finish could be ruined by a small, random piece of fiber. When painting is your life or your business, you need to use the right tool for the right job.

Mednik Riverbend has years of experience working with commercial painting rags. From commercial painting companies that paint home exteriors and interiors, to high tech auto or aerospace finish work, Mednik Riverbend has a product to fit your needs.

Whether you are a do-it-yourself home painter or a Big Three auto manufacturer, our product mix is simple enough to make an easy decision, but wide enough in breadth and depth to offer a comprehensive collection of soft tools for your needs.

Prep Rags

Mednik Riverbend offers low-cost (read: cheap) prep rags and wipers. We also stock technically advanced spunlace, non-woven wipes in numerous packaging configurations. These engineered wipers are state-of-the-art for wiping in the most critical situations.


Our line of cheesecloth products vary from low- count cotton for faux finishing or art projects, to higher-mesh cheesecloth used for straining and filtration.

Nylon Organdy

Our nylon organdy is simply the finest top-of-the-line filtration product offered in the marketplace. A little chest-thumping here—the U.S. Navy uses these wipes in their painting operations. They’re that good!

Rumple Cloth Wipes

Our rumple cloth is, hands down, the most absorbent in the market. Made of purified 100% cotton woven fabric and ranked high in durability, they’re tough enough for aggressive use, but soft enough to prevent scratching. They feature an innovative crimped finish and firmly twisted yarns. Our rumple cloth wipes trap dirt and debris like a magnet, leaving a clean, polished surface in minimal time, with no static and very low lint.

Tack Cloths

To complement, we also offer an extensive line of tack cloths for prep work. Whether it’s in a poly bag, one-at-a-time wipers, or bulk or rolls for larger jobs, we offer a straight-forward tack cloth product line. We can provide any mesh or fabric content; cotton, poly or non-woven, or mesh construction, depending on the specifications of your task. The options are limitless!

Painters’ Wipes for Anyone

Mednik Riverbend can work with any budget. We offer painters’ wipes for everyone from the home enthusiast to multinational manufacturing corporations.

If you don’t see the painters' rags you need, contact us. Put our experience to work for you.

From that basket of rags Mom kept in the basement to our state-of-the-art recycling and manufacturing facility, we’ve come a long way. Let us join your journey.