Who needs a roof? Think about it. Who? EVERYONE!

Who has a roof that leaks? A LOT OF CONSUMERS AND MORE THEN A FEW BUSINESSES! How many buildings are out there? A LOT!

That means there’s a lot of roofs on a lot of buildings that are going to need to be replaced or maintained eventually. That’s where you and I come in.

Now, it’s not just an I, it’s an us—Mednik Riverbend.

We are suppliers of viable, sustainable textile products that are used as alternatives to nasty rental shop towels and expensive nonwoven industrial paper towels.

Now, that’s not to say we don’t sell shop towels (nope, we don’t clean and rent, only sell) or non woven paper towels, but these really aren’t the right choice for most roofing jobs. You can wipe your hands maybe, but real roofing wipers are usually used in heavy-duty jobs.

Our wipers are made of recycled clothing and textiles, linens discards, or mill ends from clothing manufacturing. Our nearly 90 years of being in the market has allowed us to be kind of like experts in what we do. You heard me right—nearly 90 years.

We Know What Roofers Need

Roof has changed over that time. The old tar and paper ones are still around in the inner cities and older communities. Tile still holds its own, metal works well, but there’s been an explosion of new roofing composites in recent years.

With systems such as mastic asphalt, EPDM rubberized roofing, single ply membranes, or liquid roofs, Mednik Riverbend knows what works best. Whether it’s removing excess on the seams, tool clean up, hand or part wiping, we have PROVEN WINNERS to do the task at hand.  Roofing suppliers throughout the Midwest have discovered that we are skilled at the craft and offer a comprehensive product line for limited use or resale.

Are you an end user looking for something for your small business? Do want a wide range of choice? How about low cost? Mednik Riverbend is your last stop.

Are you a supplier or wholesale account looking to expand your market share? We can set you apart.

We know that roofing is hard work. It’s dirty work. Your back is killing you. Your knees are shot. The crew is sweating. If this doesn’t describe you or your crew, it definitely describes your customer. Make it easier for them by providing the right wiper.

The Right Wipers for All Your Roofing Needs

Mednik Riverbend offers a comprehensive line of white knits, white fleece, terry towels, bulk low cost colored wipers and more. We have GO JO or Orange peel for your hands or part wiping. We know you might be encountering problems with your current source.

Are the wipers too small? We custom cut.

Are they too expensive? Yep, we offer low competitive pricing.

As a distributor we can set you apart from your competition. We offer bags or boxes. Hand packed or machine compressed for space savings. We private label, bar code, metal scan, and offer custom pallet configuration to fit perfectly on your racking system.

What sets us apart sets you apart. Our years of experience makes you the pro, we’re simply here to make you look better.

Why do we seem different in our approach? Because we are different.  Make no mistake, if we didn’t think we couldn’t be the best, we wouldn’t put out our 100% money back, no questions asked guarantee. So there’s no risk to you.

Check out our stock. Give us a try. You have nothing to lose. Let us show you what we can do.