Mednik Riverbend is a leading industrial supplier of specialty cleaning wipes, rags and towels to aerospace industries. Working with buyers nationally, we have assembled a selection of wipes and products built to handle the demands of aerospace-related industrial processes.

Aerospace Cheesecloth Wipes

In the exacting aerospace manufacturing environment, there is no room for second chances.

Hermitex Wipes

Our Hermitex aerospace wipes are the preferred wiping cloth of the aerospace industry, and for good reason. Manufactured from 100% purified cotton fibers, their bright white, high quality fibers are non-abrasive, yet strong enough for many industrial applications.

Jiffy Rolls

Our Jiffy Rolls wipes are a heavier, thicker wipe made of cheesecloth. Jiffy Rolls are super absorbent, soft and contaminant-free. They’re made from four layers of cheesecloth and are excellent for sealant applications.

Scrim Reinforced Wipes

Scrim wipes are an economical option where lint residue is an issue. Constructed with multiple plies of tissue and reinforced with nylon netting for additional strength, Scrim wipes will not scratch most surfaces.

Scrim all-purpose wipes are inexpensive, and their low lint content makes them ideal for glass, mirrors, stainless steel and smooth surface cleaning. Scrim wipes can be used in wet or dry applications and are available in flat, pop-up dispenser boxes, quarter fold poly-bagged options, or rolls.

Airlaid Wipes

Airlaid wipes are all-purpose rags with bulk properties that make them extremely absorbent and soft. Airlaid wipes offer excellent abrasion resistance and have a cloth-like thickness and feel—plus they’re durable, economical, and highly absorbent with re-wet integrity.


DRC is an all-purpose, abrasion-resistant, cloth-like wiper made from strong cellulose. DRC cloths offer bulk, stretchiness, softness, and extremely effective absorbency, and is reusable and solvent-resistant.

With its excellent wipe-dry properties, DRC is great for industrial or aerospace applications as an all-purpose cloth. DRC wipers are extremely durable in solvents.

Available in quarter-folds, pop-ups or rolls, DRC wipes are available in lightweight or heavyweight options. DRC is available can be custom ordered in red and/or blue for color coding.

Spunlace Wipes

Spunlace non-woven fabric is manufactured by a process that employs jets of water to provide fabric integrity. Spunlace’s proprietary technology makes it ideal for industrial, medical or aerospace industrial applications.

High-speed water jets hydraulically entangle various fibers, forming a strong, absorbent web. Unlike many non-woven fabrics, certain brands of spunlace use no binders, chemicals or adhesives.

Spunlace has excellent mechanical strength, excellent absorbency, and because the fibers are washed during fabric formation, it exhibits low lint. These features make the spunlace wiper ideal for the quality-conscious user.

Mednik Riverbend stocks spunlace in blue or creped white. Available in quarter-fold poly-bagged 1,000-count, quarter-fold white creped 500-count, or can be specially ordered in a host of put-ups, including master rolls, popups or flat packs.

Sustainable Wiping Cloths

Mednik Riverbend supplies a host of high-quality wipes that are made from sustainable, repurposed cloth. Not every job needs a precision wiper, so sustainable reclaimed alternatives are a great way to save money.

We offer a mix of reclaimed wiping cloths and rags and new mill ends for the task. Bleached white knit remnants are the proven choice for general all-purpose cleaning jobs.

From low-cost, throw-away wipers to low-lint sheeting cloths, we have a proven track record of providing the highest quality cloth for the lowest cost.

Do you have special requirements? Not a problem! Our wide array of products and vendors means we can do what others can’t. Let us show you what Mednik Riverbend can do for you!