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Hazmat Gray Particulate

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Gray Particulate - OUT OF STOCK

Ultra absorbent, loose particulate made from ground up pads help contain spills and surround equipment to stop the spread of liquid into other areas of a shop.  Contained spills make for faster and easier clean up.  Safely absorbs and holds on to oil, water based liquids and corrosive chemicals.  Absorbs up to 56 gallons per case. 


  • 25 lbs per case
  • Color: Grey


Recommended Usage

To get the best performance and efficiency from our products, we recommend the following uses:

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  • Automotive Cleaning Cloths
  • Aerospace Cleaning Cloths
  • Aerospace Cleaning Cloths
  • Aerospace Cleaning Cloths
  • Manufacturing Cleaning Cloths
  • Oil and Gas Cleaning Cloths
  • Schools Cleaning Cloths