Mednik Riverbend is your one-stop shop for automotive related cleaning and detailing supplies. We stock a large assortment of bulk automotive shop towels, microfiber towels for cars, the perfect terry towel for drying, an amazing if not the BEST window glass microfiber needle punch wiper on the market today, nonwoven paper wipers that act like cloth, and a large assortment of bulk wipers for oil and grease.

We like to have fun and we want to be different, but sometimes you have to be serious, especially when it comes to your car. Whether it's your everyday ride, that custom classic in your garage, or perhaps you're that purchasing agent from a top three auto manufacturer looking for something new or are having issues with a current vendor, we simply have or can source what you need.

We come to market with a different approach. We proudly believe in promoting SUSTAINABILITY, and each and every one of our vendors is put through a lens whereby we evaluate their ability to fit our core mission to provide a sustainable alternative where applicable.

The Go-To Choice for Automobile Wipers and Cleaning Supplies

Our company has taken the high road in sourcing to offer you the best products that we can secure that product the finest results. From a simple car wash to the actual manufacturing process, we proudly offer product selections made from recycled textiles and clothing, over run or select IR toweling, nonwoven paper wipers produced from the secondary market (as compared to first in cost only), and people are simply taken back by the performance.

From a manufacturing perspective, we offer top tier, high-quality products for paint room and production settings. Our lint free products are used in manufacturing facilities throughout the U.S. Our nonwoven spunlace wipers are ideal for acrylic or plastic wiping that will not scratch. Our tack cloths perform in the most unique and demanding settings.

From wiping molds and hand and part wiping, to simple oil and grease rags to the finest straining cloths, our comprehensive line of sustainable products can't be beat.

Shine Above the Competition with High-Quality Wipers

Detail shops, auto dealers, car rentals facilities...they all share a common goal: providing the best locking vehicle to the customer, period. Our products are team tested. National car wash chains purchase our terry towels. National car tenal agencies selected our non woven wipers for interior and window cleaning. Dealerships order custom advertising towels to leave in the cars when repaired for advertising.

Our bulk wipers are used country wide in parts manufacturing facilities. Car washes, detail shops, and at-home weekend warriors all have experienced the quality of our products. We have a lot going on to make it easier for you to make, manufacture, or maintain your car to your liking.

If you are a distributor and are looking to expand your product offerings, why not look at products that can grow your customer base? Sustainability is an explosive market. Consumers are being more conscience with their purchasing decisions.

Let us set you apart. We can private label for you. We offer custom packaging. We can bar code for inventory control. Our skilled workforce armed with special talents can create a unique one of a kind product specifically for your market. Green sells. Not only that, but it's the right thing to do. Take a chance on us. Give us a try for any or all automotive needs. With a 100% money back, no questions asked return policy, how can you go wrong?

So think green. Think recycled or diverted. Think sustainable. Think Mednik Riverbend Let us prove to you that the directoin we are headed is the future.