What’s that? It’s the impact that we have left in the marketplace with our customers over the years of doing business as a stand up, honest, and reputable company. We think that makes a difference.

We know you have choices and may be looking for a change. We hope you choose us or at least let us prove to you that Mednik Riverbend has what it takes for you or your company to want to partner.

Industrial supply is the key and crucial arena of supplying the vast and numerous manufacturing facilities in your market place with the right tools for the right job. Not all tools are what you think. We consider wiping rags surely to be looked at as a “soft” tool. Mednik Riverbend is one of the largest suppliers of industrial textiles, shop rags, terry towels, absorbent and spill related products, cheesecloth, straining fabric and nonwoven industrial paper towels in the Midwest.

Our strength is in reclaimed linens and clothing discards which are reworked into wiping materials for the trades. For nearly 90 years we have strived to place sustainable wiping alternatives into the market as a viable alternative to the rental shop towel and industrial paper wiper market. Knowing the industries as well as we do allows us to tailor specific wipers for each of the industries served.

We Know the Needs of Industrial Supply Providers

Mednik Riverbend is a leading textile recycler with nearly 10 million pounds of wipers annually diverted back into industry for reuse. We think that sustainability and promoting green alternatives in industrial supplies are very important.

The social conscience of buyers in today’s markets is leading to tremendous growth in the wiper sector. People care. They are looking at alternatives. Why not look at what we do and see how we can help you accomplish the task at hand or grow your accounts using recycled products?

Are you an end user simply looking for a case or box or roll? Mednik Riverbend can more than service you.

Are you an industrial supplier looking for a new vendor or product because you’re experiencing an issue? We know the pain points of supply.

Are you getting value in your purchasing? Does you supplier value you as a partner? Are they bringing you new products and new ideas to help you capture greater market share? Do they stand behind their products with a 100% money back, no questions asked return policy? NO?

Ok, let’s  talk.

Mednik Riverbend specializes in bringing full value and partnership to our industrial supply accounts. We offer not only a comprehensive product line but specialized goods and services that will truly set you apart. Private labeling, metal scanning, custom cutting, packaging, sewing, and diverse and unique inventory items delivered fast. We can take a smaller, regional supply house and, combined with our skills, produce a unique proprietary inventory item or items and create a program that you can successfully take to market.

High-Quality Wipers for All Your Industrial Supply Needs

Our biggest sellers are sustainable wiping rags processed as wipers from linen and clothing discards. Our goods are cut according to industry size acceptability standards right for the job at task.

Need it smaller? Larger? No problem. We have a staff of experienced cutters on hand to produce the wiper of your choice. We stock a large array of bulk wipers and towels for general industry.

Our growth has been in more unique items, our precision wipers, L Wipes and Microfiber needle punch wipers, which have taken off due to their amazing cost and performance properties.

Want to stand out in the crowded field? Want to fend off competition? Inquire about our L Wipe line and for sure, THE MFNP1313. Marketing a unique and different product to your customer base sets you apart from your competition.

Mednik Riverbend knows industry. We have vast knowledge of what it takes to get the job done.  Knowing that, we have stocked our warehouse full. Combined with our staff with decades of experience, we can prove to you that we are the right partners to help you grow your industrial sales.

The future of any company will be their reputation. Reputation is a measurement of trust. It’s market capital in a world where one mistake can cost you the account.

Mednik Riverbend believes that the customer expects it right, every day, every time. That being said, a customer will judge you not by what you did right, but will judge you by how you handle what goes wrong. That’s why our reputation is impeccable, guaranteed.

Give us a try and let us prove to you how we can set you apart in the world of industrial supply.