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Rite Cut Color Sweatshirt

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Rite Cut Reclaimed Color Sweatshirts

Reclaimed colored sweatshirt rags contain multicolored sweatshirt material that is already broken in, making them highly absorbent for immediate use.  Cut to the approximate size of a shop towel, rite cut sweats are bulkier than a t-shirt rag and make a great general cleaning and polishing rag.  A durable all purpose wiping cloth with a high cotton percentage and low lint,  perfect for wiping up water, grease, oil or paint. An economical solution for industrial wiping, machine shops or auto applications where consistency of material and size can vary. Reduce wasted material and cost by using the Rite Cut sized wiper for every task. 


  • Approx. 9 rags per lb
  • Size: Approximate size of a shop towel
  • Color: Varies

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    Case Count


    20 lb Case Varies Approx. 180 Varies

    Inner Count

    Case Wt.

    Case Dims.

    Pallet Qty

    Approx. 180 20 lbs 25"x17"x11" HP: 35 Bag/MC: 50

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    1120 RITE




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    Recommended Usage

    To get the best performance and efficiency from our products, we recommend the following uses:

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    • Automotive Cleaning Cloths
    • Aerospace Cleaning Cloths
    • Aerospace Cleaning Cloths
    • Industrial Cleaning Cloths
    • Manufacturing Cleaning Cloths
    • Oil and Gas Cleaning Cloths