With nearly 90 years of supplying manufacturers in all corners of the U.S., we’ve made it our job to educate ourselves on the many aspects of manufacturing to understand what’s necessary to do the job right. Hence, our specialty is providing sustainable wiping, cleaning, and absorbing products made from recycled clothing and linen discards, cut to exact specifications as to your needs, coupled with an array of absorbing and spill products for your safety and environmental concerns.

Our products are used in any capacity that requires wiping or absorbing as an essential means to a safe and engineered product, service, or work environment. To this day, we still have a strong demand for tried and true wipers that have been around for years.

Wiping and Cleaning Supplies for the Manufacturing Industry

Our core business is supplying industry and manufacturing. We like to get dirty. It’s where we play best.

Some things never change, especially the need for a quality item. There’s always that part that needs wiping, that spill that needs to be wiped up, or what about the oil and grease that needs to be wiped away?

Manufacturing has changed over the years. As processes have changed, so has our offering of new and unique products to keep pace with ever changing requirements. As we source our products, we’re always looking at our vendors with sustainability in mind. Can we secure that green product that works as good or better? Is there a second or off good that we can secure at a lower price to pass along the savings as long as it works equal to or better than the alternative.

  • Can we secure a 100% cotton products that are eco-friendly?
  • Will the product we offer provide a savings in energy, water or chemical usage?
  • Will the product help the manufacturer with spills or environmental issues or potential contamination?
  • Are you using that critical task wiper or pre-sat wipe for a highly sophisticated job?
  • Are you floors safe from slip and fall?
  • Do you have the perfect non woven paper towel that does the job right every time?

These are all important issues to us. We want this philosophy to be the mission in our sourcing, driving the very best of what’s offered for maximum performance and results. Being the manufacturer AND the distributor, we can deliver.

With decades of experience, we have supplied manufacturers of metal parts, autos, aerospace, woodworking, boats, foundries, aluminum manufacturing, mining equipment, plastic molding, window production, tractors and earth moving equipment, rubber products, it goes on and on and on. Basically planes, trains, and automobiles and nearly every other industry to boot. If there’s something being made, chances are we have a product that applies somewhere in the process.

How Toys Run the Economy

To make a toy like a doll, someone has to be manufacturing the plastic pellets that they use to mold the doll. Colorings are made to add color to her. Tiny strands of nylon are produced and woven for the hair. Clothes have to be made. Imagine sewing tiny little doll shirts? Really? Well, textiles have to be produced, dyed, woven, cut and sewn. There has to be cardboard produced for the box. Inks for the printing. Machines to produce the plastic bubble or wrap.

The dolls go into cartons manufactured by corrugators. They are wheeled on hand carts or moved by forklifts. They are stored on racks, manufactured racks. Placed on trucks. Trucks have many manufactured parts—wheels, tires, rubber, metal, aluminum, ect, ect.  Trucks are driven by people. People wear clothes, shoes, belts, hats, uniforms and on and on—you kind of get where I’m going. So in the end, it’s toys that run the economy. This illustrates the interwoven needs of all the pieces involved to make a whole product. It’s manufacturing that makes this unique. Making things builds the economy.

Look through the various items that we have to offer. Mednik Riverbend has tons of experience. Our seasoned sales staff is here to answer questions. We can provide technical expertise, samples, and the knowledge of just what might make your product of job better or perhaps a little easier or safer. Along the way, maybe we can save a few trees, stop that environmental disaster, or simply get you a better sustainable tool for the task at hand. The goal is to be of service to you. Provide a better tool. Get a better result. Save you a little money. Produce a better end product.

Browse our unique selection and give us a try. That 100% money back, no questions asked guarantee should at least make you want to try us. Why not? You have nothing to lose, and the next time you see a toy, you’ll smile. You’ll get it.