This is where we SHINE! ( pun fully intended ☺ )

Mednik Riverbend cut its teeth in supplying schools and governments cleaning and wiping products for nearly 90 years. If you are in the custodial buyer for a school district, maintenance buyer for a local government, or a facilities manager, you came to the right site.

Facilities maintenance is perhaps one of the hardest tasks to continually perform. The stakes are high. Standards are higher. The powers at be are the customers. From educators and students, to guests and government officials, they are all witness to the quality of your work. IT’S EXPECTED TO BE RIGHT!

That being said, let’s talk a little about what we do and how we can help. Mednik Riverbend is one of the largest recyclers of SUSTAINABLE TEXTILE WIPERS in the country. Our core mission is to offer sustainable alternatives for wiping, absorbing, cleaning, polishing, and the like IF it will perform equal to or better than the alternatives.

We believe that there are viable products made of recycled textiles that will provide superior finish and performance. Our comprehensive product line has narrowed and is focused on offering the right wiper for the right job.

Windows must be streak free. Metals should be polished. Sinks and vanities must be bright and shiny. Toilets must be clean and sanitized. Floors and carpets are expected to be in top condition.

Wipers and Supplies for School and Facility Maintenance

Not all textiles are used in the cleaning process. Mednik Riverbend offers a large selection of terry towels for kitchen and food service uses, microfiber towels that can be color coded for general all purpose cleaning, and we stock a large supply of wash, hand, bath, and shower towels for the gym or work out room.

Cost matters. Quality matters. Our selection should satisfy any of your concerns.

Trusted Supplier and Partner for Decades

Many times, schools, facilities, and governments work on tight budgets. Many times there are annual bids. We welcome the opportunity to participate where possible. Our long and rich history serving the facilities markets lends itself to a proven track record. We have been serving school districts continually for decades.

Throughout those years, the relationships developed have allowed us to fine tune the needs and expand the offerings of new and unique products that make your job easier.

Is there a problem that we can help you with? Is there a particular area of cost concern that we can help address?  Are you interested in color coding? Do you have a laundry that can extend the life of the wiper? Are there tips that we can assist with to extend the life of a product?

We pride ourselves on being good partners. Let us show you.

Green Products for a Greener World

The core focus to the mission of our company is sustainability. It is so important to be able to inform the public of the need to use recycled products. No better place to show your concern would be in schools, building maintenance, and government facilities. We offer an array of goods and services especially tailored to your needs.

With a staff of skilled workers, we are set to create unique and one of a kind products specifically for you. Being the actual manufacturer of many, if not most, of our items allows us the flexibility to produce the perfect item for your needs. We are centrally located in the country and are near enough to everyone to allow for fast service. It makes for a winning combination.

Our history works to your advantage. There are not many problems that we’ve seen that we can’t lend a hand in solving. In fact, there’s something in stock for every wiping need!

We feel that there’s been an explosion in the sourcing and usages in green cleaning products.

There are a lot of claims being made: safe and environmentally friendly, green, natural–are they hype? We know for sure that our sustainable wipers are truly the finest recycled wipers available on the market.

Mednik Riverbend wants you to be happy. We want you to be satisfied with our products.  That’s why we offer a 100% money back, no questions asked return policy. So what’s there to lose?

We feel the future of any company will be their reputation. We don’t plan on spoiling ours anytime soon.

Contact us. Let us show you how we can help make your facility the envy of your piers.