For decades, Mednik Riverbend has played a role in the chemical manufacturing industry, providing an extensive line of chemical cleaning wipes and cloths. We offer a diverse line of proven universal, oil-only, or aggressive chemical-absorbing products for use in manufacturing, packaging, distribution and use of chemicals.

Chemical spill kits, damns, booms, pads, socks, pillows and particulants are only a click away.

Over the years, we have refined our products to keep up with the many advances in technology. At the heart of what we do is providing sustainable alternative products. From simple, sustainable, reclaimed wiping rags for general all-purpose cleaning, to an extensive line of chemical safety and spill control products, we have you needs and fears covered.

We have the right tool for the job, and our sustainable wiping products provide excellent alternatives to shop towels.

Our approach is simple. Is there a "green" alternative to your current chemical wiper?

Our sales staff has hundreds of years of combined experience. We have already seen most situations we can possibly encounter, and we feel comfortable making quality recommendations if you need support.

In addition, our vendor partnerships are quite extensive. We have no intention of being the next Amazon, but we feel confident that we will meet your needs. Mednik Riverbend maintains a large inventory at all times.

Spills happen. Equipment leaks. Hands need to be wiped. Equipment needs to be cleaned.

Our strength is in the long run. Having been around since 1930 says a lot. We have seen it all. Chemistry and chemical manufacturing has touched every aspect of our lives, and we are proud to be in-step, partnering with the best chemical manufacturing companies for wiping cloths and supplies.

Whatever you chemical wiping or absorbing needs may be, Mednik Riverbend can help.