Mednik Riverbend has been helping elevator maintenance companies keep the world moving up and down for years. Whether it’s commercial elevators, vertical freight lifts or escalators, it’s a dirty job—and that’s our wheelhouse. We provide cleaning wipes and supplies for all types of industrial uses, including elevator maintenance and repair.

Oil and grease wiping, stainless steel polishing, hand wiping, part wiping, tool clean-up, absorbent pads, hand degreaser—we stock it all.

Our Mednik Riverbend team prides ourselves in providing sustainable alternatives to the industrial marketplace. We can show you how high-quality, sustainable, reclaimed wipers can save time and money.

Why use paper when you can use cloth? Why pay more for a rental shop towel?

We can give you outstanding performance for a lot less. Studies conducted and published in numerous publications have found that 100% of rental shop towels have some sort of contamination—mostly from heavy metals.

Are you using potentially harmful products to wipe your hands, or maybe your face?

Safe Elevator Maintenance Wiping Products

We offer a full line of safe, time-tested elevator maintenance and repair wiping products. We provide low-cost oil and grease wipers comprised of sorted clothing discards to save you time and money.

Our recycled wipers can be used time and again. They are cut in-house to meet your specifications.

From the reclaimed fleece of a high cotton content sweatshirt to an inexpensive terry wiper, we’ve got wiping cloths for every need. They come in sizes as small as a washcloth up to full-size bath and beach towel sizes. Get the job done right with Mednik Riverbend!

We specialize in custom packaging, and we carry a wide selection of proven, high-quality, low-cost (read: cheap) cleaning wipes that work.

We also specialize in oil-absorbent pads.

Mednik Riverbend stocks hand cleaner, GO JO, and Orange Peel to clean up after the job. In fact, we stock everything you need to keep your elevator maintenance and repair business clean and organized.

For nearly a century, we’ve provided sustainable wiping products to the elevator maintenance industry. Let us show you what we can do. From a regional shop to national distribution, we stand superior in quality and service.