Are you a producer, manufacturer, transporter, storage facility or simply a guy working on the oil rigs? We get it. With what you have to wipe and clean, can you imagine someone handing you a paper towel? REALLY?

Since 1930, Mednik Riverbend has served the oil and gas industry with a vast array of sustainable wiping and spill control products proven to work the first time and every time. We supply not only the guys wiping their hands at a local lube service, but we service wipers all the way to the ocean drilling rig platforms. Industrial supply is what we do, and the oil and gas industry is where we play the best. We know what it takes: a tough, bulky, thirsty wiper to really pull that grease and oil off the surface.

Mednik Riverbend: Meeting the Needs of the Oil and Gas Industry for Decades

We have a lot of history in oil and gas needs. Wiping is at its basics here. It’s simply a dirty job. Years ago, Mednik Riverbend made a significant inroad into supply line redistribution for sustainable wiping and absorbing products. Early on, we built partnerships throughout the agra-energy belt, from Texas up through the Dakotas. From small field and farm production to the massive natural gas fields of Colorado and New Mexico, Mednik products have been used in the harshest environments. Our partnerships throughout Texas lands our products on the rigs of the Gulf of Mexico—perhaps the single most challenging environment ever for a wiping product.

Our Sustainable Wipers and Products Get the Job Done

So what sets us apart? Experience. Price. Size of offering. Our sheer ability to deliver large volumes of wiping and absorbing products over long distances at competitive prices. Being the largest provider of recycled wipers in the Midwest as well as a major distributor of a comprehensive line of spill and absorbent products makes Mednik Riverbend a one-stop shop for all of your critical needs.

End users enjoy the benefits of our massive volume. We process 10 million pounds of textiles annually, which means we have the most complete and comprehensive line available anywhere. From simple throw-away hand wipers to heavy cotton wipers for the tough jobs, our line of sustainable wiping products is over the top.

Are you prepared for a spill? Better be.

Our vendor relationships in the industry, built over decades, has proven to pay dividends to our customers. Our partnerships and buying power are unsurpassed. Browse our line of absorbent pads, socks, booms, rolls, and particulates that complement your safety and spill requirements.

Sorbent Products To Take On Any Spill

Accidents happen. That’s why they’re called accidents. It doesn’t mean that it has to result in injury or halted work. Paying high workers comp insurance rates? Then be prepared for what COULD happen.

Machinery leaks. Drums get pierced. Values leak. It’s going to happen. With sorbent products, too many times a buyer makes the mistake of simply buying price. PRICE ALONE DOES NOT PICK UP A SPILL.

Mednik Riverbend makes sure you have what you need when you need it. Fifty gallons of oil needs enough product on hand to absorb 50 gallons, yet so many products fall short. Let us help! We have a seasoned staff on hand that can quickly calculate your absorbing requirements. If you don’t pay now, you WILL pay in the future.

Our experience in industrial wiping and spill control supply helps us make you unique. With all the bells and whistles we have to offer, we can separate you from the crowd.

End users win by buying direct. Browse our comprehensive selection that we have specially curated for the toughest jobs in the world!