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Precision Performance Wipes vs. Shop Towels, Disposable Wipes, and Reclaimed Rags

Precision Performance Wipes vs. Shop Towels, Disposable Wipes, and Reclaimed Rags

Wipes come in all types of colors, sizes, materials, and styles including performance wipes, shop towels, disposable wipes, and reclaimed rags. But the differences don't stop there - read on to learn about the capabilities of precision performance wipes and how they compare against other types of wipers, such as shop towels, disposable wipes, and reclaimed rags.


Benefits of Precision Performance Wipes

When you need a durable, tough, and ultra-absorbent wipe that can be used in the most critical applications, precision performance wipes are the versatile wipe you're looking for. Performance wipes can be used to not only soak up spills, such as chemicals and oil, but can be soaked in your own chemical solution to create the perfect custom cleaning wipe for your desired application. Additionally, precision performance wipes can be custom designed to meet your industry's specific needs, whether you need a wiper that's lint-free, scratch-free, or solvent-resistant. Plus, precision performance wipes are cost-effective, and our team will work with you to not only create the perfect wiper for your business but make sure that it fits within your budget.

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Benefits of Alternative Wipers

If you are looking for a sustainable, reusable towel for spill control or cleaning in your facility, microfiber towels, cloth rags, cheesecloth, tack cloth, and terry cloth towels are great options. These reusable rags and towels are great eco-friendly alternatives to disposable wipes and shop towels. Need a custom pre-saturated cleaning solution that's disposable? Our custom engineered dry wipes can be soaked in any chemical solution you want and can be used to refill existing containers throughout your facility for easy cleaning and sanitizing, making them a great alternative to traditional disposable wipes.

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Which Type of Wiper Should You Choose?

If you're in the market for a reusable, affordable commercial cleaning solution, you can't go wrong with our microfiber towels, cloth rags, cheesecloth, tack cloth, and terry cloth towels. But if you need a disposable, reliable pre-saturated wipe solution, our pre-saturated wipes can't be beat. Lastly, our precision solution wipes are great for those looking for industrial wipes that meet even the most strict regulations in industries with critical environments such as healthcare, automotive, aerospace, and laboratories.


Contact Mednik Riverbend Today for All of Your Industrial Wiper Needs

 Whether you are ready to find the right performance wipes for your business' specific cleaning and spill control needs or simply looking for a reusable alternative to shop towels or a custom alternative to standard pre-saturated wipes, Mednik Riverbend can help. We are passionate about helping customers find the right cleaning wipe solutions to fit their needs and are so sure that we can help you find the right wipe for your business's specific needs that we have a 100% money-back guarantee. Ready to learn about our selection of cleaning wipes? For all of your precision performance wipe and sustainable, reusable, and disposable wiper needs, contact Mednik Riverbend today.


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