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Grade 60 Unbleached Cheesecloth Premier Fold Box - 32/28 Mesh

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Grade 60 - 32/28 Mesh Unbleached Cheesecloth Premier Fold Box

Cheesecloth is a loose woven gauze-like cotton cloth, available in several grades from open to extra-fine weave.  The openness of the weave assures the user that the cloth will not displace the contaminants on the surface, but will clean the surface, making it an excellent choice for bonding, painting, low lint cleaning, polishing or food service applications. Unbleached 100% cotton cheesecloth is a unique combination of purity, softness, absorbency and strength. 36" wide fan folded to 9" wide - 4 ply. 


  • 32/28 threads per square inch
  • Size: 36" x 60 yards long folded to 9" wide - 4 ply

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Case 9" x 60 yards 1 case Natural

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1 case 7 lbs 20"x10"x5"

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  • Automotive Cleaning Cloths
  • Aerospace Cleaning Cloths
  • Industrial Cleaning Cloths
  • Manufacturing Cleaning Cloths
  • Painting Cleaning Cloths